FT.R supports the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Photo Credit: Gary Cranitch, Queensland Museum/ GBRF Australia.

Our Beliefs

Like all modern companies or even half modern companies we have a firm set of beliefs that we believe in.

But these need to be more than just words on a website. So here is some proof.  


Belief 1: Sustainability & Less Waste.

We champion quality, slow fashion & minimal packaging. We ongoingly research & develop materials that are made with conscious production & consumption. Our material composition will make your feet feel cool in summer and warm in winter, that all year round love. We use Noissue packaging which is setup upon the framework of compostable, re-cyclable & re-usable. Yes re-usable, check out the double sealed mailing bag feature! Our Supply Chains are SEDEX & OEKO TEK certified.


Belief 2: Carbon Neutral.

As part of our carbon offset we offer shipping from Sendle & Australia Post Business who are both carbon neutral. 


Belief 3: Protecting The Environment.

We grew up in coastal towns of Australia, so being close to nature & natural resources is very important to us. That’s why we donate 1% of our profit to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. This achieves two things for us: Protecting the reef & championing natural colour.

Did you know?!  The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world & is home to over 9,000 flora & fauna species. We love that is it full of colour & want to help protect & restore this natural living colourful ecosystem.


Belief 4: Having Fun, Promoting Joy.

We believe in serious fun. Having humour & being able to laugh. Not just chuckle but laugh.  Knock knock.  We’re here.


Belief 5: There will be interplanetary travel one day.

We think this will happen & humans will soon be walking on Mars. But for now we want to concentrate on making the best socks for Earth. 

Of course, socks will be needed in outer space, but what type, colour & indeed length is still unknown (for now) but we have our thinking caps on.