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About Socrattelles

We Were Never Meant To Be A Sock Company. In Fact, We Were Never Meant To Be A Company.

In fact, again, we weren’t even sure we were real people. FT.RAINBOW started in 2022 when we had a twin dream (two people both had the same dream at the same time). In this dream, the sock deity Socratelles, came to us & said what the world needs now (she sang it) is Colour & Variety. Colour & Variety. She said of course the spirits & gods could make more rainbows to bring joy into the world but they wanted us to find something else, for Earth. Something people would wear every day & that would give us all Energy for being Us, that would allow people to bring out their inner nature & purpose.

Socratelles lit up a strange rolled up thing & gave us some magic mushrooms & it was then we had a dream within a dream & the same dream. We saw socks & rainbows in all tones of the same colours & in all manner of delight. We saw a vision where the socks where us & yes, we were the socks. It was then we knew, or didn’t quite know, that we had to start a sock company.

*No other sock company in the world has been officially sanctioned by the sock deity Socratelles that we are aware of.