That’s A Great Idea-Let’s Steal It!

Everything you see on this site is copyright to us. Others are going to copy. Especially our unique image to sock colour, colour ratio grid of awesomeness. The drawings for our patent application are below. When people copy us, we will be posting the copycats & how they copied us to this section of the site. Just for fun.

We know copying is inevitable, but we want to champion original thinking as much as possible, whenever possible.

Figure 1.
Patent application drawings

Our Lawyer Means Business.

This is Wisdom J. He is our lawyer. Seriously. He graduated in 2017 & is currently a serving member of the Nigerian Bar. His favourite words are cease & desist.

He sends very firm letters (printed on 300gsm) to those that infringe on our copyright & IP. He is very good at his job & can lift 5kg barbells up to 8 times a day. He is currently on standby waiting for our instructions.