Coming Soonish!

Less Green Washing. 

Over time our end goal is to be as sustainable as possible. We’re not there yet, nowhere close & we aren’t hiding that fact. We need to get bigger in order to make the biggest impact.

Our first step will be moving to organic cotton & other materials that are truly sustainable.

There are a lot of pretenders out there who make us cry, who champion materials that just aren’t as friendly as you might think.

Big gasp.

Take bamboo for instance, a lot of people think this is a sustainable material, but in fact, when you look at the amount of chemicals it takes to make it a wearable fabric it is not as ecologically sound or friendly as a lot of people claim.

Bigger gasp.

So until we can be confident that we aren’t just buying into a fake trend or green washing we will keep searching & investigating for the best options.


Less Noise. Or Different Noise & Not So Loud.

Some people say patterns & prints are throwbacks to a world that was greedy & boomerfied. A world that felt like they needed to show off by wearing socks that said they were eccentric & cool because the pattern was as crazy as an Escher painting.

We think you can still stand out- but with colour. By having a wide colour spectrum, we think every individual taste can be represented.

So that’s our goal.

Every gradient of every colour.
Every tone of every colour.

A less noisy world in terms of patterns.
A more colourful world in terms of, well, colour.


Look & Feel Line Extension.

We are all about the premium basic aesthetic. But that doesn't mean we are basic. We ain't at all.

So don’t worry, we've got you covered.

We know some of you may not ever have a deep & forever foot fetish.

So soon, we want to bring you hats, t-shirts to name just some of what we have devised to roll-out & obviously true to Us, in lots & lots of colour offerings - co-ord fits yeah, or not, maybe mixy & matchy contrasty hues?

Just like that.

You pick your true You.


FT.RAINBOW Big Baby Grand Plans.

Even though we are a small startup, we have big, bold ambitions.

That’s why we are currently planning & scoping a sustainable, eco-friendly factory in Northern NSW Australia. We grew up in regional & coastal areas, we want to enable opportunities in those communities & provide ongoing support to our country.

We have identified some key plots of land on which we plan to build our own factory.

We are also seeking counsel from various experts on how to make the factory & how to make our process more sustainable & efficient. Yes we are thinking Tesla HQ inspo (not copying). Sorry if you are anti Tesla. But we dig it. Why? Because we totally can.

Here we give you a sneak peak of a blue print drawing showing what we envisage our FT.RAINBOW HQ to look like. As you will note, it is shaped like a giant sock. We hope you come to visit us when it’s up & running (circa 2025).