This is Trevor. True Legend of the Hounds. Do you know someone that has come from nowhere & defeated the odds? Put them in touch with us & we’ll give you 12% off your next order.

Come From Nowhere - Colours From Anywhere

Come From Nowhere: To promote potential & entrepreneurship in anyone.

Potential from a pair of socks you say?  Yes, socks can change the world (& a locker room).

Socks can allow you to express your ideas. Your potential. With humour. With life. With. Sentences. That. Are. Short. With cans of whoopass & packets of “how you like me now?”

But don’t worry we know some of you don’t have a foot fetish so hold on tight because maybe hats or co-ord fits are more your poison.

We think anyone can come from anywhere & achieve anything if they have the right support. We want to challenge everything that has come before us & ditch the stuff the generations before have ditched on us.

Just like colour, there is a huge spectrum of potential & people that can make an impact Now (& you don’t need to repeat the patterns to do it).


Colours From Anywhere: The world needs more colour.

That’s why our master goal is to have the widest spectrum of colour.

Orange socks, cream socks, mint socks, purple socks, blue socks, green socks, pink socks, dark green socks, purple socks again, you name it, we love colour & that colour can come from anywhere. A poster, an artwork, a real life animal or object.

We want you to be able to choose what colour you want your socks in no matter how specific or not specific.

Just like our mate who wants some socks in the same colour as their dog Trevor.